Dance showcase events are a regular part of most, if not all, ballroom dance studio yearly events. Usually it is a grand and large event, displaying the hard work and dedication of both students and teachers sharing their very best with each other and their guests (family members, novice students, or anyone interested in ballroom dance).  

Angel & Cree Criado

Angel & Cree Criado, the owners of Rhythm & Grace Dance Studios, decided to offer a ballroom event that brings back much of the grand scale of the showcase events of old. In that, they set out to organize an event that promoted the purity of love for dance, the camaraderie of both amateurs and professionals presenting some of their best works for others to enjoy, and have a damn good time doing it. They worked out having a well-qualified and World Class adjudicator to score both individual and group presentations with actual, thoughtful and useful feedback to help the performers become even more proficient and successful in their art.

They also strove to support local business in choosing their venue, and assorted goodies from local confection shops and suppliers.

Further, they worked out for a price point for attendees to perform and dance more, get more feedback, enjoy snacks throughout the day and sit down to a great dinner - and still make more real excitement happen. They added a all0inclusive dance-off in support worthy charities and wrap up the evening with some of the day's highest scoring solo exhibitions, and an extremely entertaining and exciting professional show.

In past years, people raved about the event for months. It truly was the grand celebration of the peace and love found by all of us in our pursuit of ballroom dance. It was the event they intended.

And this just about sums up what this Showcase is about; why it is, and what the organizers strive to accomplish with it. Simply a celebration of dance, our passion and love of it and our willingness to share it with friends. They succeeded!

With that, we invite you and hope to see you in 2019.