The latest for Peace, Love and Party Ball!!!

This year, monies raised during our charity dance off will go in full, to :

Special Spaces Cleveland

SPECIAL SPACES creates dream bedrooms for children with cancer.
WE CHANGE CHILDREN’S LIVES: We support families fighting cancer and help give them hope.
WE CREATE BEDROOMS: Rooms where the child sleeps, plays and spends time away from the challenges of their illness - a place where they can have fun and get better.
WE DO IT ALL IN A DAY: With the child as the designer, and as a surprise to the family, we create magical dream bedrooms in just one day.
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They Change Lives:

They create dream bedroom makeovers for dependent children ages 2-19 with cancer who are within one year of treatment.

They Create Dream Bedrooms:   

They only do bedrooms. Bedrooms where children sleep, but also rest, play, and spend time away from the challenges of their illness—a very special space just to be a kid!

They Foster Personal Connections:   

They maintain a high touch, high impact organization that measures success by the quantity and the quality of the experience. They transform the child’s existing bedroom into a place that only he/she can dream or imagine.

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February's Special Spaces Cleveland recipient is Josie Wolfenbarger.  She is 8 years old and lives in Broadview Heights.  Josie has been diagnosed with juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma, a rare childhood brain tumor.  She has five siblings ages 20, 14, 13, 10 and 9 and Josie shares her room with her 10-year-old sister, Joy.  They would like a glamour / fashion room for all their accessories with fun colors, sparkles and cozy pillows.  Josie love to have DANCE parties and to build and create things.  We have invited Josie, her family, and the Special Spaces Cleveland organizer to come to the event and we really want to show them a good time and help them get her room makeover started on the right foot! Please help us in helping them by attending and dancing at our Peace, Love, & Party Ball on February 2nd!  


From more information on Special Spaces, follow these links!  Facebook and Special Spaces ORG.



Let us introduce you to Ginny Ray and Artem Shiller! This husband and wife duo hale from Virginia and have taken the American Rhythm floor by storm! 

"Born and raised on formal dance in Moscow, Artem came to the US to find a new adventure. Here he met Ginny, also a lifelong dancer, but with a way different story. Together, they are building a tale of their own.  

With his competitive background in the International styles from childhood on, Artem quickly caught on to their American counter parts. His well trained body and his analytical mind fell in love with American Rhythm and Smooth styles, he now just needed a partner to train with...

Enter: Ginny Ray...With early childhood gymnastics and ballet, Ginny's evolution as a dancer has maneuvered her through several genre's. After leaving college as a Ballet Education major, she found herself drawn to Hustle and Salsa. She went on to win two World Hustle Championships and share the stage with some of the world's best Salsa dancers. Most recently she got back to fundamentals in American Ballroom... where she found a handsome and highly capable Artem.

Artem and Ginny Ray found a uniqueness in each other that was irresistable to exploration. They decided that their talents and experiences met in the middle with American Rhythm and took off running...well, dancing. They are currently training and competing all over the US as well as coaching a team of competitive student partners to do the same. Together, their adventure has received several Top Teacher Awards, Top Studio awards, and many podium appearances for their execution during Rising Star and Open Rhythm competitions. "

This couple has been a personal favorite of Angel & Cree Criado this year and we couldn't be happier to have them joining us in 2020!  We know they will put on an amazing show and we are excited to share their love for dance with you!


After a one year hiatus (we purchased a new Jazz/Tap/Ballet studio, moved our Lakewood studio to Seven Hills, OH, and renovated both schools - whew!) we can now bring back the banner event of our ballroom studio - Peace, Love & Party!

As with our previous years, we strive to organize and produce an event that is respectful of any well-organized event. We work to ensure that our event is also representative of the very best our ballroom community has to offer in our city and state. We not only want our guests to feel welcome and happy they attended, but we also want our guests to feel respected, sincerely appreciated and acknowledged for their obvious dedication to our common love for dance.

There are a few new changes for us for 2019. The largest being our change of venue. We have secured the Mediterranean Party Center to hold PLP 2019 at. The venue is centrally located on Rockside Rd. in Bedford. This makes it easily within reach of both interstate 271 and 480. 

If you follow us on Facebook, you might see Cree updating it with her progress on the backend organizing things. To date, including the aforementioned venue, we have our Emcee and our Professional Show lined up. Upcoming will be announcements of our package information, as well as the judge we are choosing to do our Proficiency scoring and critiques for solos and formations. We will also be announcing our venders - so keep an eye out for them.

Keep checking back for news updates and we very much hope to see you at PLP 2019!